Install ScEpTIC

ScEpTIC (Simulator for Executing and Testing Intermittent Computation) is a python tool that analyzes intermittent execution of programs. It is architecture-independent, as itemulates the execution of LLVM IR code.

ScEpTIC requires python 3.7 and supportes the LLVM IR generated by LLVM 6.0 toolchain. Higher versions may also work.

First, you need to install git, python 3 and clang:

apt install python3 python3-dev python3-pip clang-6.0 git

Then, you need to clone this repo:

git clone

Finally, you need to install ScEpTIC:

cd sceptic/
python3 install --user

Note that you can uninstall ScEpTIC using the command:

pip3 uninstall ScEpTIC

If you do not want to install ScEpTIC, you can still use it by placing the ScEpTIC directory in the same directory of ScEpTIC configuration files. In such a case, you need to instal ScEpTIC requirements:

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Now you can start using ScEpTIC.