Install LAZenoh and Python API

To try LAZenoh, you need to compile both the core components and the Python API.

First, you need to install git, python 3:

apt install python3 python3-dev python3-pip python3-venv git

Then, you need to install rust and cargo:

curl -sSf | sh

Then, you need to clone this repo:

git clone

Then you need to move into the lazenoh core folder and compile it:

cd lazenoh/lazenoh-core
cargo build --release --all-targets

Note: the compilation process may require more than one hour

You can find the zenohd executable (Zenoh router) under the folder:


Finally, you can compile and install the wheel of the Python API. First you need to create a Python Virtual Environment and install the requirements:

cd ../python-api
pyhton3 -m venv venv
source venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements-dev.txt

Finally, you can generate and install the wheel:

maturin develop --release